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Title Insurance

Title insurance protects buyers and sellers from future financial losses.
1) It can protect your property if there has been a problem with the deed, such as someone claiming to own your home.
2) It protects you against deeds with errors like improper wording. Or from an undisclosed heir of the prior owner.
It’s such a must-have that most real estate professionals won’t work without this policy.
Title Insurance - Greenwood Village, Colorado

We Cover...

Residential (FSBO)

Imagine you buy a home. You move in and settle down. Then one day, you discover someone else may have rights to the property. 

The previous owner never disclosed that others (heirs) had rights to the house. And now, all parties have to go to court to decide who gets ownership over the home. 

Residential Title Insurance will cover legal fees while you fight for property ownership. 

Title insurance also covers:

  • Mistakes in the public records
  • Forgeries and fraud in the preparation of deeds and other documents
  • False impersonation of the previous owner



Commercial Title Insurance protects your real estate investment from:
  • Survey Issues: Any discrepancies with your survey or easement.
  • Incorrect Legal Descriptions: An error in the legal description can hinder the sale.
  • Title Defects: Including title fraud, forged documents, or previous property liens. These issues can pop up even though everything looks perfect at closing.
  • Encumbrances: Financial claims against your property make it challenging to market.

Real Estate Professionals

We work with several real estate professionals: brokerage firms, agents, lenders, and investors.
Brokerage Firms: We help ensure there aren’t any conflicts or issues with the real estate in question.
Agents: We help RE agents get properties off the market by providing timely information about disputes.
Lenders: We help assure that all parties involved are aware of any potential issues with the property.
Investors: We track all legal documents associated with your RE transaction. While protecting you from potential roadblocks.

Developers & Builders

Title Insurance for developers helps protect the builder before selling the property. It also covers any legal fees incurred during defense against claims.
There are three types of Builder and Developer Title Insurance:
  • Owner’s Builder and Developer Policy: Protects developers during construction until they sell.
  • Lender’s Builder and Developer Policy: Protects lenders from losses provided for construction.
  • Interested Third Party Policy: Protects third parties from losses due to title defects, liens, or public records errors.

Why do you need Title Insurance?

Title insurance is your protection against — other people’s problems. 
Let’s say the person who sold you your house didn’t pay taxes, and the IRS comes after you for payment.
Or the guy who sold you the house — doesn’t tell you about the easement across your property.
Let’s imagine he pays his taxes and tells you about the easement. But he “forgot” to mention that there was a lien from when his contractor sued him for not paying his bill. (While it’s unlikely that all these things happen, they could.)
We have decades of experience. 
And you know what? 
We’ve seen it all. 
We’ve seen houses disappear. 
We’ve seen people disappear. 
We’ve seen property lines move — enough to change the meaning of “property.” 
And when these things happen, we’re there for our clients. Title insurance is like other types of insurance — the hope is that you’ll never need it. But you’ll be glad you have it when you do.

The future just got a little closer.

We don’t just connect buyers and sellers — we connect people and dreams.

What Clients Say About Us...

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Kathy Callum
Kathy Callum
Excellent service and care in the selling of my father’s home was a pleasure for me. The process was handled professionally and smoothly. I am thankful.
Greg Shields
Greg Shields
Genae and her team took great care of us!! Would recommend them for any and all of your title needs!!
Alyssa Haberle
Alyssa Haberle
Genae is a phenomenal title rep. I have had the chance to use her several times both personally and professionally. She goes above and beyond for all sellers, buyers, agents and lenders. Her communication is incredible, and she’s in this business because she genuinely cares about the experience everyone involved has.

Our priority is ensuring clients receive exceptional service throughout the closing process.
To provide unmatched customer service, expertise, and trustworthiness for every real estate transaction. That is our mission.

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